Interference Effects Due to Projectile Target Nucleus Scattering in Single Ionization of H₂ by 75-keV Proton Impact

Jason S. Alexander
Aaron C. LaForge
Ahmad Hasan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Z. S. Machavariani
M. F. Ciappina
R. D. Rivarola
Don H. Madison, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Michael Schulz, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Doubly differential cross sections (DDCSs) for single ionization of molecular hydrogen by 75-keV proton impact have been measured and calculated as a function of the projectile scattering angle and energy loss. Interference structures are observed in the scattering angular dependence of the DDCSs, which disappear, however, at electron speeds near the projectile speed. The comparison to our calculations shows that the projectile-target nucleus interaction plays a central role. Furthermore, our data suggest that for a given scattering angle, ionization favors well-defined molecular orientations.