Comparison of 3-, 5-, and 6-Phase Machines for Automotive Charging Applications

B. Zhang
Hua Bai
Walter Eversman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Ronald J. Krefta
Duane J. Buening
Steven D. Pekarek, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Gregory R. Holbrook

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In this paper, the performance of a 5-phase claw-pole machine/converter system is compared with those of 3-phase and 6-phase systems of the same volume. It is shown that the acoustic output of the 5-phase machine compares favorably with that of the 6-phase machine and is much lower than that of the 3-phase machine over a majority of the operating range. In addition, the output current produced by the 5-phase machine Is, in general, 6-8% higher than those of the 3-phase and 6-phase machines. These results suggest that for maximizing power density while minimizing cost and acoustic noise, 5-phase machines provide a competitive alternative to 6-phase machines of identical volume.