A Maximum Torque Per Ampere Control Strategy for Induction Motor Drives

O. Wasynczuk
Keith Corzine, Missouri University of Science and Technology
S. D. Sudhoff
Jerry L. Tichenor
P. C. Krause
I. G. Hansen
L. M. Taylor

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In this paper, a new control strategy is proposed which is simple in structure and has the straightforward goal of minimizing the stator current amplitude for a given load torque. It is shown that the resulting induction motor efficiency is reasonably close to optimal and that the approach is insensitive to variations in rotor resistance. Although the torque response is not as fast as in field-oriented (FO) control strategies, the response is reasonably fast. In fact, if the mechanical time constant is large relative to the rotor time constant, which is frequently the case, the sacrifice in dynamic performance is insignificant relative to FO strategies