Extracting CAD Models for Quantifying Noise Coupling Between Vias in PCB Layouts

S. Luan
W. Liu
Fengchao Xiao
James L. Knighten
Norman W. Smith
Ray Alexander
J. Nadolny
Yoshio Kami
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Jun Fan, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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A method to extract a lumped element prototype SPICE model is used to study noise coupling between non-parallel traces on a PCB. The parameters in this model are extracted using a PEEC-like approach, a Circuit Extraction approach based on a Mixed-Potential Integral Equation formulation (CEMPIE). Without large numbers of unknowns, the SPICE model saves computation time. Also, it is easy to incorporate into system SPICE net list to acquire the system simulation result considering the coupling between traces on the printed circuit board (PCB). A representative case is studied, and the comparison of measurements, CEMPIE simulation, and SPICE modeling are given.