Advances of Gyromagnetic Electronics for EMC Problems

Marina Koledintseva, Missouri University of Science and Technology
L. K. Mikhailovsky
Alexander A. Kitaytsev

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A number of EMC problems at microwaves-detection and measurement of power (spectrum) of the signals and suppression of unwanted radiation-can be solved owing to the results obtained in the field of gyromagnetic (spin) electronics. The latter deals with the unique properties of gyromagnetic media (GM) based on microwave ferrites, including high-anisotropy hexagonal ferrites that do not need an intense magnetization field for their operation at ferromagnetic resonance. Approaches to the study of the interaction of GM with an electromagnetic field and ways of modeling frequency-selective measuring devices, absorbing coatings and all-mode filters of harmonics on the basis of GM are discussed. Results of experiments and practical application of the elaborated GM devices for EMC problems are represented. Microwave ferrite resonators are discussed