Adaptive Multi-Vehicle Area Coverage Optimization System and Method

Ryan J. Meuth
John Lyle Vian
Emad W. Saad
Donald C. Wunsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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A mission planning system for determining an optimum use of a plurality of vehicles in searching a predefined geographic area (PGA). A discretizer subsystem may be used for sensing the capabilities of each vehicle to produce a point set defining a number of points within the PGA that the vehicles must traverse to completely search the PGA. A task allocator subsystem may determine an optimum division of the PGA into different subregions to be handled by specific ones of the vehicles, thus to minimize an overall time needed to search the PGA. A path optimizer subsystem may determine an optimum path through a particular vehicle's assigned subregion to minimize the time needed for each specific vehicle to traverse its associated subregion.