A Novel Method for Determination of Dielectric Properties of Materials using a Combined Embedded Modulated Scattering and Near-Field Microwave Techniques-Part II: Dielectric Property Recalculation

R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dana Hughes

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The use of combined embedded modulated scattering technique and near-field microwave nondestructive testing techniques is investigated as a novel method for evaluating the dielectric properties of a material. The forward formulation for determining the reflection coefficient at the aperture of a waveguide radiating into a dielectric half-space in which a PIN diode-loaded dipole (i.e., modulated scattering technique probe) is embedded was presented in Part I of this paper. Here, in Part II, the recalculation of the dielectric properties, using the results of the forward model, is presented along with some associated experimental results.