Electromagnetic Analysis for Vehicle Antenna Development Using Method of Auxiliary Sources

David Pommerenke, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Kai Xiao
R. S. Zaridze
D. G. Kakulia
K. N. Tavzarashvili
G. N. Ghvedashvili

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In paper [l] the electromagnetic analysis of large semi-open structures like vehicles was presented formulated as scattering problem, illuminated by a wide range of incident EM fields. The effect of resonances within the semi-open structure on the RCS, near fields and pattem of reradiated fields had been shown. In this paper the interaction of the entire semi-open structure on the performance of an antenna is considered together with the investigation of near field distributions inside the cavity. The Method of Auxiliary Sources (MAS) [2] is utilized. For a simple geometry the results are compared to measurements.