Open Hemispherical Imaging Dielectric Resonator with Whispering Gallery Modes

Sergey Kharkovsky, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Z. E. Eremenko
Yuri F. Filipov

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The imaging dielectric resonators with whispering gallery modes (WGMs) for the creation of a new class of millimeter wave solid-state oscillators, devices for the investigation of high temperature superconductors, were suggested. They contain a dielectric element as a semidisk or a cylinder or a hemisphere and a flat metal mirror. The latter is a necessary element for placing in the resonator field active elements or conductor samples of materials. There is an important question about the dependence of the resonant frequencies and Q-factor of these resonators on impedance of the resonator mirror. In the present paper new investigation results of the open hemispherical imaging dielectric resonator (HIDR) with WGMs are represented.