Identifying and Quantifying Printed Circuit Board Inductance

Todd H. Hubing, Missouri University of Science and Technology
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Thomas Van Doren, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The concepts of inductance and partial inductance play a key role in printed circuit board (PCB) modeling. The inductance of the signal path is an important parameter in high-speed signal integrity calculations. Delta I noise modeling, crosstalk calculations, and common-mode source identification all rely heavily on accurate estimations of the partial inductance associated with traces, vias, and signal return paths on printed circuit boards. The paper begins by identifying and quantifying the parameters that affect the inductance of typical PCB geometries. Closed-form equations are provided for estimating the partial inductances of simple trace, via, and ground plane configurations. Finally, the issue of current crowding around via connections in planes and its affect on the partial inductance of the plane is addressed.