Synthesis of Double-Input DC-DC Converters using a Single-Pole Triple-throw Switch as a Building Block

Mehdi Ferdowsi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Karteek Gummi

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Hybridizing power electronic systems using an energy storage unit has gained popularity in transportation and power system applications. This task has traditionally been performed by using several independent power electronic converters. Multi-input converters, due to their reduced part count and improved efficiency, seem to be an advantageous option to replace the conventional converters. A few multi-input converter topologies have been reported in the literature; however, there is not a systematic approach to derive them. Furthermore, all possible topologies are not completely explored and it is difficult to derive new converters from the existing topologies. Hence, in this paper, a systematic approach to derive multi-input converters by using single-pole triple-throw switches as building blocks is presented.