In this paper, novel two-quadrant buck/boost and one-quadrant boost four-level DC/DC converters are introduced. The primary application for these converters is that of interfacing a low voltage DC source, such as a fuel cell or battery, to a high-voltage four-level inverter. One important feature of the four-level DC/DC converters proposed herein is the ability to perform the power conversion and balance the inverter capacitor voltages simultaneously. With the capacitor voltage balancing, it is possible to obtain the full voltage from the inverter. For the boost converter, the steady-state and nonlinear average-value (NLAM) models are developed. The NLAM is verified against a detailed simulation of a four-level converter/inverter drive system.

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1999 IEEE Industry Applications Conference, 1999. Thirty-Fourth IAS Annual Meeting


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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DC-DC Power Convertors; Battery; Capacitors; Current-Regulated Control; Four-Level DC/DC Boost Converter; Fuel Cell; High-Voltage Four-Level Inverter; Inverter Capacitor Voltages Balancing; Invertors; Low Voltage DC Source; Nonlinear Average-Value Models; One-Quadrant Boost Converter; Power Conversion; Steady-State Models; Triangle Modulation; Two-Quadrant Buck/Boost Converter

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1999