This paper presents a new voltage balancing control for the diode-clamped multilevel rectifier/inverter system. A complete analysis of the voltage balance theory for a 5-level back-to-back system is given. The analysis is based on fundamental frequency switching control and then extended to pulse-width modulation. The method involves obtaining optimal switching angles; a process which is described in detail in this paper. The proposed control strategy regulates the DC bus voltage, balances the capacitors, and decreases the harmonic components of the voltage and current. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate the validity of the optimizing method and control theory.

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Industry Applications Conference, 2003. 38th IAS Annual Meeting


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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10 KW; 5-Level Back-To-Back System; DC Bus Voltage Regulation; PWM Power Convertors; Capacitor Balancing; Diode-Clamped Multilevel Rectifier/Inverter Systems; Frequency Control; Fundamental Frequency Switching Control; Harmonic Components Decrease; Invertors; Optimal Switching Angles; Power Semiconductor Diodes; Pulse-Width Modulation; Rectifying Circuits; Switching Convertors; Voltage Balance Theory; Voltage Balancing Control; Voltage Control

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2003