Particle swarm optimization (PSO) motivated by the social behavior of organisms, is a step up to existing evolutionary algorithms for optimization of continuous nonlinear functions. Backpropagation (BP) is generally used for neural network training. Choosing a proper algorithm for training a neural network is very important. In this paper, a comparative study is made on the computational requirements of the PSO and BP as training algorithms for neural networks. Results are presented for a feedforward neural network learning a nonlinear function and these results show that the feedforward neural network weights converge faster with the PSO than with the BP algorithm.

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2003 IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium, 2003. SIS '03


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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BP Algorithm; PSO; Backpropagation; Computational Requirements; Continuous Nonlinear Functions; Convergence; Convergence of Numerical Methods; Evolutionary Algorithms; Evolutionary Computation; Feedforward Neural Nets; Feedforward Neural Network; Neural Network Training; Nonlinear Functions; Optimisation; Particle Swarm Optimization

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2003