Using a Viewing Window and the HAVNET Neural Network for the Recognition of Words within a Document


A substantial portion of research and applications for visual image recognition has been limited to the recognition of large, isolated, non-variant images. Performing a visual search for focusing on, locating, and recognizing smaller details within the context of a larger image has proven more difficult. This paper presents a system that is capable of learning words of various lengths, and then locating and recognizing a previously trained word within a noisy document. This system utilizes a fitness function, search routine and viewing window to identify possible word candidates, and then employs the HAusdorff-Voronoi NET work (HAVNET) for word recognition. After 330 searches of 30 different words, with document noise ranging from 0-20%, the system recognition and location accuracy was 97.3%.


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Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Fovea; HAVNET; Neural networks; Pattern recognition; Viewing window; Word

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1996-756X; 0277-786X

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Article - Conference proceedings

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06 Apr 1995