Identification and Control of Two-Dimensional Smart Structures using Distributed Sensors


In recent years, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film has been extensively used in the development of distributed sensors. However, very few results are available for shaping distributed sensors for control of two dimensional structures. In this study, we have utilized simple geometric shapes for the implementation of feedback controllers on a cantilevered plate system. Multiple distributed sensors along with their time derivatives are used for system identification and the implementation of complex controllers. The resulting direct implementation minimizes the electronic hardware requirements of the controller. A system identification technique for deriving a state variable representation of the structural system using distributed sensors is studied. The state variables of the model are defined as the quantities being measured by the distributed sensors. This technique was originally developed for one-dimensional structures and is extended to the two-dimensional plate system in this paper. The availability of the states of the system simplifies the state space control system design and the implementation of full-state feedback controllers. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and H∞ controllers can be implemented with simple analog hardware. A full state feedback LQR controller is implemented on the experimental system which incorporates all of the necessary signal conditioning electronics. The results of simulation and experimental results are presented.


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01 Jan 1995

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