An electromagnetic-circuital-thermal-mechanical Multiphysics numerical method is proposed for the simulation of microwave circuits. The discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD) method is adopted for electromagnetic simulation. The time-domain finite element method (FEM) is utilized for thermal simulation. The circuit equation is applied for circuit simulation. The mechanical simulation is also carried out by FEM method. A flexible and unified Multiphysics field coupling mechanism is constructed to cover various electromagnetic, circuital, thermal and mechanical Multiphysics coupling scenarios. Finally, three numerical examples emulating outer space environment, intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) injection and high-power microwave (HPM) illumination are utilized to demonstrate the accuracy, efficiency, and capability of the proposed method. The proposed method provides a versatile and powerful tool for the design and analysis of microwave circuits characterized by intertwined electromagnetic, circuital, thermal and stress behaviors.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method; Electromagnetic heating; Electromagnetics; finite element method; microwave circuits; Microwave circuits; Microwave FET integrated circuits; Microwave integrated circuits; Microwave theory and techniques; Microwave transistors; Multiphysics simulation

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01 Jan 2024