In this work, several representative terahertz (THz) graphene holographic impedance surface antenna are presented. Different to the conventional impedance surface antenna that manipulates the surface impedance via varying the patch size in each unit cell, the surface impedance of the proposed antenna in this paper is readily controlled by applying a tunable DC biasing to each graphene patch cell, the physics behind which is that the conductivity of the graphene is a function of imposed voltage. Thus, the graphene patches of the proposed antenna have same size as well as equal spacing, which makes the modeling process more convenient and efficient. Furthermore, for the purpose of beam scanning, the proposed THz graphene holographic antenna can be easily reached by varying the DC supply. Besides, due to the excellent mechanical property of graphene, the proposed THz graphene holographic antenna can be designed conformal to required platforms. To validate and verify the proposed above ideas, a linear polarized with beam scanning capability, a circularized and a conformal THz graphene holographic antenna are designed and simulated via full-wave commercial software HFSS, the simulation results are in good agreements with the design theories.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant 61831016

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Graphene; holographic antenna; reconfigurability; terahertz (THz)

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01 Jan 2022