A hybrid higher order discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD) method and finite-element time-domain (FETD) method with parallel technique is proposed for electromagnetic (EM)-circuital-thermal co-simulation in this article. For electromagnetic simulation, DGTD method with higher order hierarchical vector basis functions is used to solve Maxwell equation. Circuit simulation is carried out by modified nodal analysis method. For thermal simulation, FETD method with higher order interpolation scalar basis functions is adopted to solve heat conduction equation. To implement electromagnetic-circuital-thermal co-simulation, the electromagnetic and circuital equations are strongly coupled through voltages, currents, and electric fields at the lumped ports first. Then the electromagnetic and thermal equations are weakly coupled with electromagnetic loss and temperature-dependent medium parameters. Finally, large-scale parallel technique is used to accelerate the process of multiphysics simulation. Numerical results are given to validate the correctness and capability of the proposed electromagnetic-circuital-thermal co-simulation method.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD) method; electromagnetic (EM)-circuital-thermal co-simulation; finite-element time-domain (FETD) method; higher order basis functions; parallel technique

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1557-9670; 0018-9480

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01 Jun 2022