Advanced Techniques In Quartz Wafer Precision Processing: Stealth Dicing Based On Filament-induced Laser Machining


This research aims to achieve the high-quality and high-efficiency processing of quartz crystal through cutting experiments performed on quartz wafers, leveraging the capabilities of an ultraviolet (UV) femtosecond laser (fs-laser). The study integrates two crucial techniques, filament-induced laser machining (FILM) and stealth dicing (SD), to introduce an innovative approach named stealth dicing based on filament-induced laser machining (SDFILM). Using a harmonic generator, a conventional ∼1030 nm, 270 fs infrared (IR) fs-laser is transformed into a ∼ 343 nm UV fs-laser, enabling FILM on quartz wafers. Then, following a systematic investigation of laser parameters and processing variables on the machined quartz grooves, the optimally machined grooves take on a distinctive "Y" shape and yield effortlessly upon gentle mechanical force, akin to SD. Finally, an optimized laser focus strategy is introduced, resulting in a near-vertical "|" type cutting pattern on the quartz wafers. This research serves as a new method in the field of quartz processing, shedding light on new possibilities in the precision manufacturing of hard and brittle crystal materials.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant 51975442

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Femtosecond laser machining; Filament-induced laser machining; Quartz crystals; Stealth dicing

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01 Apr 2024