Optimal Power Flow Using A Hybridization Algorithm Of Arithmetic Optimization And Aquila Optimizer


In this paper, a hybridization method based on Arithmetic optimization algorithm (AOA) and Aquila optimizer (AO) solver namely, the AO-AOA is applied to solve the Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem to independently optimize generation fuel cost, power loss, emission, voltage deviation, and L index. The proposed AO-AOA algorithm follows two strategies to find a better optimal solution. The first strategy is to introduce an energy parameter (E) to balance the transition between the individuals' procedure of exploration and exploitation in AO-AOA swarms. Next, a piecewise linear map is employed to reduce the energy parameter's (E) randomness. To evaluate the performance of the proposed AO-AOA algorithm, it is tested on two well-known power systems i.e., IEEE 30-bus test network, and IEEE 118-bus test system. Moreover, to validate the effectiveness of the proposed (AO-AOA), it is compared with a famous optimization technique as a competitor i.e., Teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO), and recently published works on solving OPF problems. Furthermore, a robustness analysis was executed to determine the reliability of the AO-AOA solver. The obtained result confirms that not only the AO-AOA is efficient in optimization with significant convergence speed, but also denotes the dominance and potential of the AO-AOA in comparison with other works.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, Grant LRGS/1/2018/UNITEN/01/1/3

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Aquila optimizer; Arithmetic optimization algorithm; Map of piecewise linear; Optimal power flow; Optimization

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01 Jan 2024