This Paper Presents a Novel Lifelong Multilayer Neural Network (MNN) Tracking Approach for an Uncertain Nonlinear Continuous-Time Strict Feedback System that is Subject to Time-Varying State Constraints. the Proposed Method Uses a Time-Varying Barrier Function to Accommodate the Constraints Leading to the Development of an Efficient Control Scheme. the Unknown Dynamics Are Approximated using a MNN, with Weights Tuned using a Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)-Based Technique. an Online Lifelong Learning (LL) based Elastic Weight Consolidation (EWC) Scheme is Also Incorporated to Alleviate the Issue of Catastrophic Forgetting. the Stability of the overall Closed-Loop System is Analyzed using Lyapunov Analysis. the Effectiveness of the Proposed Method is Demonstrated by using a Quadratic Cost Function through a Numerical Example of Mobile Robot Control Which Demonstrates a 38% Total Cost Reduction When Compared to the Recent Literature and 6% Cost Reduction is Observed When the Proposed Method with LL is Compared to the Proposed Method Without LL.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Office of Naval Research, Grant N00014-21-1-2232

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Lifelong learning; Multilayer neural networks; Singular value decomposition; Time-varying barrier functions

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2023