The Potential Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves Have Raised Concerns in Related Authorities to Propose Standards and Limit Lines on the Electromagnetic Field Levels. Most of the Radio Frequency (RF) Dosimetry Measurement Procedures Referred to in Safety Compliance Standards, suggest 6-Minute Averaging, in Addition to Spatial Averaging, Which Can Be Time-Consuming for Primary Measurements. Measurement Analysis in Residential Environment in This Paper Demonstrates that Lowering the Time Interval of Measurements to About 30 Seconds, Which Suggests the Possibility of Reducing the Measurement Time with Minimal Reduction to Measurement Accuracy. for All Measurement Results Shown in This Paper, having a 30-Second Averaging Time, the Relative Error, compared to 6-Minute Averaging and Spatial Averaging, is Less Than 5% for Radio Frequency (RF) Level in the Environment. This Paper Provides a Potential Solution to Pre-Compliance RF Dosimetry Process with Less Required Time and Cost.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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electromagnetic waves; ICNIRP; residential environments; RF dosimetry; specific absorption rate; the general public

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2023