When a transistor is subjected to neutron irradiation, a component of base current proportional to neutron fluence is induced. From the effects of annealing on the base and collector Currents the conclusion was drawn that there is an apparent difference in the annealing characteristics between the neutral and the space-charge regions of the semiconductor device. This study of the anomalous annealing indicates that the neutron-induced component of base current is a result of one, or a combination, of the following mechanisms: A quasi-tunneling recombination phenomena in the emitter-base space-charge region, or an influence of the p-n junction electric field on the formation, annealing, and electronic behavior of the neutron-induced defect centers. A field dependence of the formation and annealing of the neutron-induced defects appears to be present both during the introduction and annealing of the neutron-induced defect centers. It could not be finally determined whether or not the quasi-tunneling phenomena occurred although it can be shown on theoretical grounds that it is possible for such phenomena to occur. The annealing characteristics of the defects, as represented by changes in the collector and base currents, have been obtained. Three sets of devices were irradiated and then annealed, with one set having a forward bias during annealing, one set having no bias, and one set having a reverse bias. The dependence of the field on annealing is present but appears quite complex. The presence of the externally applied electric field during annealing appears to influence the annealing of neutron-induced defects similarly, regardless of whether the junction is forward or reverse biased. Copyright © 1967 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.


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01 Jan 1967