Team building can be challenging when participants are from the same discipline or sub-discipline, but needs special attention when participants use a different vocabulary and have different cultural views on what constitutes viable problems and solutions. Essential to No Boundary Thinking (NBT) teams is proper formulation of the problem to be solved, and a basic tenant is that the NBT team must come together with diverse perspectives to decide the problem before solutions can be considered. Given that participants come with different views on problem formulation and solution, it is important to consider a robust process for team formation and maintenance. This takes extra effort and time, but scholars studying teams of experts with diverse training have found that they are better positioned to be successful in solving even deep and difficult problems especially if they have learned to work well with each other. At this workshop we will discuss principles that scholars who have worked in NBT teams have discovered as effective. We will then engage with the workshop participants to consider discuss these principles and brainstorm to consider other approaches.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Interdisciplinary science; No boundary thinking; Team science

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07 Aug 2022