This Paper Introduces an Algorithm for Estimating the Displacement of Moving Objects in a Television Scene from Spatial Transform Coefficients of Successive Frames. the Algorithm Works Recursively in Such a Way that the Displacement Estimates Are Updated from Coefficient to Coefficient. a Promising Application of This Algorithm is in Motion‐compensated Interframe Hybrid Transform‐dpcm Image Coding. We Give a Statistical Analysis of the Transform Domain Displacement Estimation Algorithm and Prove its Convergence under Certain Realistic Conditions. an Analytical Derivation is Presented that Gives Sufficient Conditions for the Rate of Convergence of the Algorithm to Be Independent of the Transform Type. This Result is Supported by a Number of Simulation Examples using Hadamard, Haar, and Slant Transforms. We Also Describe an Extension of the Algorithm that Adaptively Updates Displacement Estimation According to the Local Features of the Moving Objects. Simulation Results Demonstrate that the Adaptive Displacement Estimation Algorithm Has Good Convergence Properties in Estimating Displacement Even for Very Noisy Images. © 1979 the Bell System Technical Journal


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01 Jan 1979