This paper proposes a high step-up DC-DC converter with a built-in transformer (BIT)-based voltage multiplier (VM) that is suitable for integrating low-voltage renewable energy sources into a DC microgrid. A three-winding BIT is combined with the switched-capacitor (SC) cells to extend the voltage gain and reduce the voltage stress on the switches. The current-falling rates of the diodes are controlled by the leakage inductances of the BIT, alleviating the reverse-recovery problem of the diodes. The operating modes and steady-state analysis are presented. Additionally, the validity of the proposed converter is confirmed by the simulation and experimental results of a 400 W converter with an input voltage of 20 V and output voltage of 400 V. Moreover, a comparison study is presented to verify the superiority of the proposed converter over the closest existing topologies in the literature.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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DC microgrid; fuel cell (FC); high-voltage gain; Interleaved high step-up DC-DC converter; photovoltaic (PV); renewable energy; switched-capacitor (SC) cell; voltage multiplier (VM)

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2022