Laser-assisted fabrication of conductive materials on flexible substrates has attracted intense interests because of its simplicity, easy customization, and broad applications. However, it remains challenging to achieve laser scribing of conductive materials on tissue-like soft elastomers, which can serve as the basis to construct bioelectronics and soft actuators. Here, we report laser scribing of metallic conductive, photoactive transition metal oxide (molybdenum dioxide) on soft elastomers, coated with molybdenum chloride precursors, under ambient conditions. Laser-scribed molybdenum dioxide (LSM) exhibits high electrical conductivity, biocompatibility, chemical stability, and compatibility with magnetic resonance imaging. In addition, LSM can be made on various substrates (polyimide, glass, and hair), showing high generality. Furthermore, LSM-based Janus on-skin electronics are developed to record information from human skin, human breath, and environments. Taking advantage of its outstanding photothermal effect, LSM-based soft actuators are developed to build light-driven reconfigurable three-dimensional architectures, reshapable airflow sensors, and smart robotic worms with bioelectronic sensors.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Z.Y. acknowledges financial support from startup funds and EM Excellence award of the University of Missouri-Columbia and grants from National Science Foundation (award numbers 1917630 and 2045101). J.X. acknowledges financial support from startup funds of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and National Institute of General Medical Science of National Institutes of Health (award numbers R01GM123081 and R01GM138552).

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01 Jun 2022

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