Practical Methods of Interference Cancelation for Power Measurements in a Reverberation Tent


In total radiated power (TRP) measurements, it is essential to eliminate the effects of electromagnetic interference caused by the ambient noise. The elimination is usually achieved by shielding. However, shielding may be insufficient, especially in reverberation tents. Under this condition, additional methods are needed to suppress the noise. Practical methods are proposed to suppress the effect of uncorrelated noise signals during the TRP measurement in the reverberation tents. The methods are validated for the cancelation of communication noise, including Wi-Fi, global system for mobile (GSM), and FM signals. If the noise reference signal is available, the noise contribution can be suppressed by ratio averaging. When the reference signal is hard to obtain, blind source separation allows separating the uncorrelated signals from the combination of the intended signal and noise. For intermittent signals, threshold cancelation is proposed.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


National Science Foundation, Grant IIP-1916535

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Blind Source Separation (BSS); Electromagnetic Interference (EMI); Noise Cancelation; Total Radiated Power (TRP)

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0018-9375; 1558-187X

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Article - Journal

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22 Jun 2020