A New Reconstruction Method for a Source above an Arbitrarily Shaped Ground Plane

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A New Reconstruction Method for the Source above A Non-ideal Ground Plane


Source reconstruction using equivalent dipole moments to replace the original noise source is widely used in radio frequency interference. The conventional reconstruction methods only work well in the cases of free space or with a large ground plane. In this article a new method is proposed for source reconstruction over an arbitrarily shaped ground plane. It uses the field below the ground plane to eliminate the arbitrary ground effect. Comparing to the method of solving surface integral equation, it is simple and does not need the ground geometric information. The new method is validated in the full-wave simulations.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Image Theorem; Radio Frequency Interference (RFI); Source Reconstruction; Surface Equivalence Theorem

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0018-9375; 1558-187X

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Article - Journal

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26 Aug 2020