Microwave Detection and Depth Determination of Disbonds in Low-Permittivity and Low-Loss Thick Sandwich Composites


Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of disbonded low-permittivity and low-loss dielectric multilayered composite media is of considerable interest in many applications. The ability of microwaves to penetrate inside dielectric materials makes microwave NDE techniques very suitable for interrogating structures made of multilayered dielectric composites. Additionally, the sensitivity of microwaves to the presence of dissimilar layers in such materials allows for accurate detection of a disbonded layer. In a multilayered composite, a disbond may occur between any two (or more) layers. The potential of utilizing microwave NDE techniques for the detection and depth estimation of disbonds in a thick sandwich composite is investigated. This study utilizes a theoretical model developed for investigating the interaction of microwave radiation from an open-ended rectangular waveguide sensor with an n-layer dielectric composite medium. The influence of the standoff distance between the sensor and the medium and the operating frequency on the sensitivity of disbond detection and depth estimation is studied to obtain an optimum set of parameters for enhanced detection sensitivity. Results of the theoretical study are presented with a discussion on the optimization process for a thick sandwich composite composed of 13 dielectric layers.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Bonding; Dielectric Materials; Dissimilar Materials; Estimation; Mathematical Models; Microwaves; Multilayers; Nondestructive Examination; Optimization; Permittivity; Depth Determination; Disbond Detection; Low Loss Thick Sandwich Composites; Microwave Detection; Microwave Radiation; Open Ended Rectangular Waveguide Sensor; Composite Materials

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01 Mar 1996