Safety-Aware Reinforcement Learning Framework with an Actor-Critic-Barrier Structure


This paper considers the control problem with constraints on full-state and control input simultaneously. First, a novel barrier function based system transformation approach is developed to guarantee the full-state constraints. To deal with the input saturation, the hyperbolic-type penalty function is imposed on the control input. The actor-critic based reinforcement learning technique is combined with the barrier transformation to learn the optimal control policy that considers both the full-state constraints and input saturations. To illustrate the efficacy, a numeric simulation is implemented in the end.

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2019 American Control Conference, ACC 2019 (2019: Jul. 10-12, Philadelphia, PA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Center for High Performance Computing Research


This work was supported in part by the Fundamental Research Funds for the China Central Universities of USTB under grant No. FRF-TP-18-031A1 and No. FRF-BD-17-002A, in part by the China Post-Doctoral Science Foundation under Grant 2018M641197, in part by the National Science Foundation under grant NSF CAREER CPS-1851588, in part by NATO under grant No. SPS G5176, in part by ONR Minerva under grant No. N00014-18-1-2160, in part by the Mary K. Finley Endowment, in part by the Missouri S&T Intelligent Systems Center and in part by the Army Research Laboratory under Cooperative Agreement Number W911NF-18-2-0260.

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Full-State Constraints; Input Saturation; Reinforcement Learning; Safe Control

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01 Jul 2019