Automatic Lesion Border Selection in Dermoscopy Images using Morphology and Color Features


Purpose: We present a classifier for automatically selecting a lesion border for dermoscopy skin lesion images, to aid in computer-aided diagnosis of melanoma. Variation in photographic technique of dermoscopy images makes segmentation of skin lesions a difficult problem. No single algorithm provides an acceptable lesion border to allow further processing of skin lesions.

Methods: We present a random forests border classifier model to select a lesion border from 12 segmentation algorithm borders, graded on a "good-enough" border basis. Morphology and color features inside and outside the automatic border are used to build the model.

Results: For a random forests classifier applied to an 802-lesion test set, the model predicts a satisfactory border in 96.38% of cases, in comparison to the best single border algorithm, which detects a satisfactory border in 85.91% of cases.

Conclusion: The performance of the classifier-based automatic skin lesion finder is found to be better than any single algorithm used in this research.


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Classification (of information); Classifiers; Computer aided diagnosis; Decision trees; Dermatology; Image analysis; Oncology; Border; Dermoscopy; Lesion segmentations; Melanoma; Skin cancers; Image segmentation

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01 Jul 2019