Modified PI Control of a Gate Controlled Series Capacitor for a 45-bus Section of the Brazilian Power System


This paper presents the use of a nonlinear approximator to provide better controllability to the proportional-integral (PI) control method applied to a Gate-Controlled Series Capacitor (GCSC). The GCSC has been installed in a 45-bus section of the Brazilian power system, in one of the two parallel lines between buses 430 and 431. The GCSC is used to provide power flow control in the transmission line and to damp transient power oscillations for changes in the system conditions. In the proposed control method, the PI controller provides the compensating reactance while the neural network approximator estimates the corresponding blocking angle for firing the gate-turn off devices in the GCSC. Due to the existence of simple relationship between the power flow in the transmission line and the compensating capacitive reactance, the PI controller performs better with compensating reactance as its output instead of blocking angle. For power flow changes and disturbances in the system, the modified PI controller provides better damping compared to the conventional PI.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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45-Bus Brazilian System; GCSC; Modified PI Control; Neural Networks

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 May 2006

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