A Novel Infrastructure for Synergistic Dataflow Research, Development, Education, and Deployment: The Maxeler AppGallery Project


This chapter presents the essence and the details of a novel infrastructure that synergizes research, development, education, and deployment in the context of dataflow research. To make it clearer to fundamental scientists, the essence of the approach is explained by referencing the results of the work of four different Nobel laureates. To make it clearer to research community, crucial details are presented in the form of a manual. Till this point, the development of dataflow applications was based on tools inherited from the controlflow environment. We here describe a set of tools developed from scratch with dataflow specifics in mind. These tools are not only tuned to the dataflow environment, but they are also tuned to synergize with each other, for the best possible performance in minimal time, counting from the moment when new researchers enter the dataflow arena, until the moment when they are able to deliver a quality code for maximal speed performance and minimal energy consumption. The effectiveness of the presented synergetic approach was measured empirically, using a group of students in a dataflow course. The measured results clearly indicate the superiority of the proposed approach in the following five domains: time to design, time to program, time to build, time to test, and speedup ratio.


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AppGallery; Dataflow; Education; Research; Supercomputing; WebIDE

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01 Jul 2017