Multisource Information Fusion for Logistics


Current Army logistical systems and databases contain massive amounts of data that need an effective method to extract actionable information. The databases do not contain root cause and case-based analysis needed to diagnose or predict breakdowns. A system is needed to find data from as many sources as possible, process it in an integrated fashion, and disseminate information products on the readiness of the fleet vehicles. 21st Century Systems, Inc. introduces the Agent- Enabled Logistics Enterprise Intelligence System (AELEIS) tool, designed to assist logistics analysts with assessing the availability and prognostics of assets in the logistics pipeline. AELEIS extracts data from multiple, heterogeneous data sets. This data is then aggregated and mined for data trends. Finally, data reasoning tools and prognostics tools evaluate the data for relevance and potential issues. Multiple types of data mining tools may be employed to extract the data and an information reasoning capability determines what tools are needed to apply them to extract information. This can be visualized as a push-pull system where data trends fire a reasoning engine to search for corroborating evidence and then integrate the data into actionable information. The architecture decides on what reasoning engine to use (i.e., it may start with a rule-based method, but, if needed, go to condition based reasoning, and even a model-based reasoning engine for certain types of equipment). Initial results show that AELEIS is able to indicate to the user of potential fault conditions and root-cause information mined from a database.

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Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2011 (2011: Apr. 27-28, Orlando, FL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Data mining and clustering; Data reasoning; Expert systems; Information fusion; Intelligent agent software; Knowledge based systems; Vehicle health monitoring

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01 Apr 2011