Fuzzy Logic Controllers and Linear Robust Controllers: A Comparison


This paper compares the design of two controllers for a non-linear system. The controllers will be designed using linear robust methods and fuzzy logic control methods. The controllers are compared on their ability to meet performance requirements and on the time it takes to design each controller. The controllers are tested in simulation using a model of a trailer-truck system. The truck model contains a complete description of the forces on the truck. The controllers perform speed regulation. The results show the advantages of using a fuzzy logic controller at the expense of design time.

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1997 Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Conference, ANNIE'97 (1997: Nov. 9-12, St. Louis, MO)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Computer simulation; Control system synthesis; DC motors; Fuzzy sets; Linear control systems; Nonlinear control systems; Robustness (control systems); Speed control; Truck trailers, Fuzzy logic controllers; Linear robust controllers, Fuzzy control

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Nov 1997

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