A Knowledge-Rich Hierarchical Controller for a Redundant Manipulator


In most robotic applications, robotic system’s ability to plan and reason about its environment is desirable. Hierarchies offer flexible organizations for this type of planning and reasoning. In the earlier designs of hierarchical controllers for robotic manipulators, the hierarchies were based on a plan for a specific manipulator motion instead of the physical structure of the manipulator. Recently, the need to incorporate the physical structure as part of the hierarchy was recognized, and a knowledge-rich hierarchical controller was introduced. This hierarchy was formed by various portions of the physical structure, where these portions were enriched by the addition of some relevant knowledge to plan and control. In this paper, a knowledge-rich hierarchical controller for an Intelledex manipulator with six degrees of freedom is considered to demonstrate the motion planning and the control of the manipulator. A simple example of carrying an object from one side of a table to the other side is also included.

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IEEE International Conference on Systems Engineering (1990: Aug. 9-11, Pittsburgh, PA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Expert Systems - Inference Engines; Systems Science and Cybernetics - Hierarchical Systems; Hierarchical Controllers; Robots; Industrial

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01 Aug 1990