Controller Implementation on Infinite-order Structural Systems Using Distributed Sensors


Hagood, Nesbitt W.


The design of spatially shaped distributed sensors for the control of infinite order structural systems has become a topic of interest in recent years. Sensor shape optimization techniques were developed for the design of optimal controllers on infinite order structural systems. In this paper, we investigate methods for the implementation of distributed sensors using polyvinylidene flouide (PVDF) film. The complexity of the sensor shapes depends on the mode shapes of the flexible structure and the performance measure of the controllers. The sensitivity of the sensor shape on the performance of the controller is being investigated. The problems associated with the practical implementation of distributed sensors with PVDF film are also identified. The shapes of the distributed sensors for the implementation of a linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and a pole- placement controller have been determined. These sensors are implemented on simple cantilever beam test articles using PVDF film. The details of hardware implementation of the controllers are presented. The closed loop performance of the controllers are compared with simulation studies. The sensitivity of the shapes of the distributed sensors for the LQR and pole-placement controllers is discussed.

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Smart structures and Materials 1994: Smart Structures and Intelligent Systems


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Second Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Sensors; Ferroelectric Polymers; Computer Hardware; Simulations

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1994