An Automatic Color Segmentation Algorithm with Application to Identification of Skin Tumor Borders


A principal components transform algorithm for automatic color segmentation of images is described. This color segmentation algorithm was used to find tumor borders in six different color spaces including the original red, green, and blue (RGB) color space of the digitized image, the intensity/hue/saturation (IHS) transform, the spherical transform, chromaticity coordinates, the CIE transform and the uniform color transform designated CIE-LUV. Five hundred skin tumor images were separated into a training set and a test set for comparison of the different color spaces. Automatic induction was applied to dynamically determine the number of colors for segmentation. Ninety-one percent of image variance was contained in the image component along the principal axis (also containing the most image information). When compared to a luminance radial search method, the principal components color segmentation border method performed equally well by one measure and 10% better by another measure, including more near border points outside the tumor. The spherical transform provides the highest success rate and the chromaticity transform the lowest error rate, although large variances in the data preclude definitive statistical comparisons.


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01 May 1992

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