Tools and Techniques for Dynamic Reconfiguration and Interoperability of Pervasive Systems


Pervasive systems embody all the time, everywhere, transparent services, such as those provided by modern critical infrastructure systems, computer-supported health care networks, and smart living environments. The infrastructure envisioned is composed of heterogeneous computing devices, ranging from supercomputers and powerful workstations, to small devices such as sensors, PDAs, and cell phones, augmented by software and middleware. The main themes of this chapter are tools and techniques for dynamic reconfiguration and interoperability of pervasive systems. It provides an introduction to mobile agent technology, which can be employed in achieving interoperability among multiple interacting pervasive systems. The chapter discusses sensor networks, which support a considerable fraction of the pervasive systems currently deployed, along with software and hardware approaches to their dynamic reconfiguration. It focuses on collaboration and interoperability among independently deployed sensor networks. The chapter illustrates the application of these tools and techniques in two different pervasive computing contexts.


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Collaboration And Interoperability, Sensor Networks-Mica, Intel, And TMote Sky Motes; Dynamic Reconfiguration Of Sensor Networks; Interaction Between Ground And Space Components Of OASIS; Mobile Agent Security, Violation Of Security Requirements-Threat To Security Of System; Mobile Agent Technology; Pervasive Systems, Embodying-Transparent Services, Computer-Supported Health Care Networks; Pervasive Systems, Underlying Network-Of Sensing Devices, And Information; Shortcomings Of Existing Technology-Impeding Development, For Pervasive Systems; Tools And Techniques For Dynamic Reconfiguration-And Pervasive System Interoperability; Tools And Techniques, For Dynamic Reconfiguration-Interoperability Of Pervasive Systems; Interoperability; Mobile Agents; Ubiquitous Computing; Wireless Sensor Networks

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