Context-Aware Recommendation Algorithms for the PERCEPOLIS Personalized Education Platform


This paper describes Pervasive Cyberinfrastructure for Personalized Learning and Instructional Support (PERCEPOLIS), where context-aware recommendation algorithms facilitate personalized learning and instruction. Fundamental to PERCEPOLIS are (a) modular course development and offering, which increase the resolution of the curriculum and allow for finer-grained personalization of learning artifacts and associated data collection; (b) blended learning, which allows class time to be used for active learning, interactive problem solving and reflective instructional tasks; and (c) networked curricula, in which the components form a cohesive and strongly interconnected whole where learning in one area reinforces and supports learning in other areas. Intelligent software agents customize the content of a course for each learner, based on his or her academic profile and interests, aided by context-based recommendation algorithms. This paper provides an introduction to the PERCEPOLIS platform, with focus on these algorithms; and describes the educational research that underpins its design.

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41st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference (2011: Oct. 12-15, Rapid City, SD)


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The research presented in this paper was supported in part by the National Science Foundation, under contract IIS-0324835.

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Active Learning; Blended Learning; Context-Aware; Context-Based Recommendations; Course Development; Cyber Infrastructures; Data Collection; Educational Research; Instructional Support; Intelligent Software Agent; Interactive Problem Solving; Learning Artifacts; Personalizations; Personalized Learning; Recommendation Algorithms; Algorithms; Teaching; Ubiquitous Computing; Curricula; Context-Aware Recommendation; Multi-Agent Software; Pervasive Computing

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01 Oct 2011