Input Voltage Control of SEPIC for Maximum Power Point Tracking


The SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter) topology is an excellent choice for a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) converter in small solar energy systems. To achieve MPPT, the input voltage of the SEPIC, corresponding to the photovoltaic (PV) module's output voltage, must be regulated. In this paper, a model is derived with the voltage on the input capacitor as the plant output. The model is used to design a closed-loop controller to regulate the PV module voltage to match the output of an MPPT algorithm. Simulation and experimental validation are given.

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IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (2013: Feb. 22-23, Champaign, IL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Closed Loop Controllers; Experimental Validations; Input Capacitors; Maximum Power Point Tracking; MPPT Algorithms; Output Voltages; Photovoltaic Modules; Solar Energy Systems; Energy Resources; Energy Management; Maximum Power Point Trackers; Voltage Control; Mathematical Model; Capacitors; Integrated Circuit Modeling; Signal Processing Algorithms; Inductors; Closed Loop Systems; Photovoltaic Power Systems; Power Capacitors; Power Convertors; Power Inductors; Solar Power

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978-1467356022; 978-1467356015

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Article - Conference proceedings

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23 Feb 2013