Control of a Single-Phase Standalone Inverter without an Output Voltage Sensor


This paper analyzes the possibility of controlling the output voltage of a standalone single-phase inverter by directly controlling the output filter capacitor current without using a dedicated output voltage sensor. The plant modeling and controller design are presented. The proposed method depends on having the value of the output filter capacitance. A method to estimate the output filter capacitance is also presented. Rigorous analysis is done to show that the proposed sensorless scheme is largely insensitive to parameter variations and ensure that the output voltage is within specified regulations at utility level. It is also demonstrated in this paper that compared to the conventional voltage control scheme the proposed control scheme ensures an improved total harmonic distortion of the output voltage waveform. Experimental results presented validate the proposed scheme.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Intelligent Systems Center

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Capacitance; Electric Inverters; Harmonic Distortion; Sensorless Control; Wave Filters; Control Schemes; Controller Designs; Inverter Control; Nonlinear Load; Rigorous Analysis; Single-Phase Inverters; Total Harmonic Distortion (THD); Virtual Flux; Controllers; Proportional Resonant (PR) Controllers

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0885-8993; 1941-0107

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01 Jul 2017