In this paper, chaotic behavior in high gain dc-dc converters with current mode control is explored. The dc-dc converters exhibit some chaotic behavior because they contain switches. Moreover, in power electronics (circuits with more passive elements), the dynamics become rich in nonlinearity and become difficult to capture with linear analytical models. Therefore, studying modeling approaches and analysis methods is required. Most of the high-gain dc-dc boost converters cannot be controlled with only voltage mode control due to the presence of right half plane zero that narrows down the stability region. Therefore, the need of current mode control is necessary to ensure the stability of this type of boost converter. A significant number of the work reported so far has concentrated on explaining the chaos phenomena in the language of the nonlinear dynamics literature. In addition to analyzing and studying chaotic behaviors, this presents some ideas about moving toward gainful utilization of the nonlinear properties of power electronics. Simulation and experimental studies are included to validate the theory, and results will be discussed.

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Complex Adaptive Systems Conference: Engineering Cyber Physical Systems (2017: Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Chicago, IL)


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Intelligent Systems Center

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Adaptive Systems; Bifurcation (Mathematics); Chaos Theory; Electric Inverters; Embedded Systems; Power Electronics; Boost; Buck; DC-DC; High Gain; Interleaved; Nonlinear; DC-DC Converters; Chaos; Bifurcation; High-Gain

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01 Nov 2017