Transmission Line Characterization through the Enhanced Root Impulse Energy Loss


In today's PCB industry, the challenges are no longer just on how to control and improve the manufacturing processes, but also to ensure the fabricated product is compliant to the industry standards and leads to high quality. Due to the requests for more detailed information about the products, numerous techniques for PCB characterization were developed. In this paper, we proposed the Enhanced Root Impulse Energy (e-RIE) loss method. The original RIE was presented in the papers and presentations of IPC meetings. Different from previous work, instead of directly differentiating the time-domain TDR waveform and using it as the impulse response h(t), the e-RIE method implements the time-domain Thru-Reflect- Line (t-TRL) calibration technique on the time-domain TDR/TDT measurements. The t-TRL is a complete calibration technique and it removes the discontinuities due to the transition from SMA connectors to the stripline launches and improves the accuracy of impulse response measurement and the RIE loss calculation. Excellent agreement is achieved for the RIE losses obtained from the t-TRL and the VNA measurements. Also in the paper, the relationship of the RIE loss and loss tangent is studied. Based on the theoretical derivation, the RIE loss is calculated as a function of tan for a given pair of test and calibration lines. The sensitivity of RIE loss vs. different test and calibration pairs is studied. Overall, the longest test line ( > 10 inches) and the shortest calibration line ( < 1 inch) give the best RIE loss sensitivity. The e-RIE extended the applications of the original RIE method and it provides a simple and practical test method for the transmission line loss characterization in high-volume PCB manufacturing.

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IPC APEX EXPO Technical Conference (2011: Apr. 12-14, Las Vegas, NV)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Calibration Lines; Calibration Techniques; High Quality; Impulse Energy; Impulse Response Measurements; Industry Standards; Loss Calculation; Loss Tangent; Manufacturing Process; PCB Industry; Practical Tests; SMA Connectors; TDR/TDT; Test-Lines; Theoretical Derivations; Time Domain; Transmission Line Loss; Wave Forms; Calibration; Characterization; Electric Lines; Energy Dissipation; Exhibitions; Impulse Response; Organic Pollutants; Polychlorinated Biphenyls; Printed Circuit Boards; Printed Circuit Manufacture; Size Exclusion Chromatography; Transmission Line Theory; Time Domain Analysis

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01 Apr 2011

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