Modeling of Metasheets Embedded in Dielectric Layers


Metasheet structures together with bulk composite dielectric layers can be used for antenna radomes, absorbers, and band gap structures. Transmission (T) and reflection (Γ) coefficients for a plane wave incident at any angle upon a metasheet embedded in a dielectric layer are considered. These metasheets are either patch-type or an aperture-type, and they can be either single-layered or multi-layered. To calculate T and Γ for a patch-type metasheet, a concise unified matrix approach is derived using the Generalized Sheet Transition Conditions (GSTC). The Babinet duality principle is utilized to get T and Γ for single-layered aperture-type metasheets (as complementary to the patch-type ones) at an arbitrary angle of incidence. The T-matrix approach is applied to calculate characteristics of multilayered metasheet structures containing a cascade of metasheets and dielectric slabs. In this paper, the minimum distance for neglecting higher-order evanescent mode interactions between the metasheets has been determined. Computed results based on the proposed analytical approach are compared with the full-wave numerical simulations. The analytical results are verified for satisfying the energy balance condition.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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A-Plane; Analytical Approach; Analytical Results; Antenna Radomes; Arbitrary Angles; Band Gap Structure; Bulk Composites; Dielectric Layer; Dielectric Slabs; Duality Principle; Evanescent Mode; Matrix Approach; Minimum Distance; Multi-Layered; T-Matrix; Transition Conditions; Radiation; Condensed Matter Physics

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04 Jul 2012