Accuracy and Application of Physics-Based Circuit Models for Vias


Vias in printed circuit boards and packages are among the components of most concern with respect to signal and power integrity in high-speed communication systems. Recently, the authors have been investigating "physical" or "physics-based" via models, i.e. concise equivalent circuits that accurately reflect the important physical properties of vias. Both topology and element values of a physics-based model have a straightforward correlation to the structure and dimensions of the via, thus enabling a better understanding and scaling. In this paper; the accuracy of the proposed physics-based via models is explored by comparing to measurements and numerical modeling of electromagnetic fields. In addition, the application of physics-based via models to the understanding of the underlying physical phenomena and trends is shown.

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39th International Symposium on Microelectronics (2006: Oct. 8-12, San Diego, CA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ground Bounce; High-Speed Communication Systems; Parallel Planes; Physical Phenomena; Physics-Based Circuit Models; Physics-Based Models; Physics-Based Via Models; Recessed Probe Launch; Electromagnetic Fields; Microelectronics; Topology; Models; Parallel Plane Impedance

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01 Oct 2006

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