Power System Economic Dispatch Algorithm with Prohibited Zones


Vibrations in a shaft bearing can be amplified in other seemly unconnected regions due to the generators' physical limitations. Therefore, the traditional economic dispatch model should include prohibited zones. By ignoring the network losses, the problem can be transformed into a mixed integer quadratic programming (MIQP) and solved using the branch and bound method. If the losses are considered, the problem can be represented with a quadratic generation term according to the B-coefficient method, with the nonlinear non-convex model set up using polynomial interpolation. Taking the optimal value of the MIQP model as the starting point, this model can then be solved using the interior point method. The method was tested with 6 and 15 generator systems and compared with 10 existing methods. The results show the effectiveness and efficiency of this method. Finally, the time complexity was analyzed with a 200 generator system.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Economic Dispatch; Effectiveness and Efficiencies; Interior Point Methods; Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming; Physical Limitations; Polynomial Interpolation; Power System Economic Dispatch; Prohibited Zones; Branch and Bound Method; Linear Programming; Quadratic Programming; Scheduling; Branch and Bound; Incremental Losses; Interior Point Method

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01 Jan 2013

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