TEM-Like Launch Geometries and Simplified De-Embedding for Accurate Through Silicon Via Characterization


Novel de-embedding launch geometries and a simplified analytical procedure are proposed to extract the exact electromagnetic behavior of a through silicon via (TSV) pair from measured data. First, the most recent de-embedding method is reviewed and it is deeply investigated using both 3-D simulation and vector network analyzer measurements to accurately evaluate its residual error. Then, some potential sources of error are hypothesized and overcome by the proposed launch geometries based on a de-embedding plane that is able to ensure a TEM (or quasi-TEM) mode propagation. The novel launches are studied through 3-D simulations; the previous de-embedding procedure is updated to consider the fringing effect of the open-end launch, and it is simplified reducing the launch standards from three to two. The proposed launch geometries and algorithm are shown to be more accurate in the TSV pair de-embedding with respect to the method currently employed.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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Electric network analyzers; Electronics packaging; Geometry; Integrated circuit interconnects; Integrated circuit manufacture; Analytical procedure; De-embedding method; Electromagnetic behavior; Mode propagation; Potential sources; Through-Silicon-Via; Through-Silicon-Via (TSV); Vector network analyzers; Three dimensional integrated circuits

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01 Apr 2017